January 2016 Progress Update

We are making great progress towards our goal of opening a cooperatively owned brewery. It may be taking us longer than we had hoped for, but we are moving forward and working everyday towards our goal of building a community around history, good beer, and people in downtown Granite Falls, MN. 

What we have accomplished so far:

  • Established Bylaws and incorporated as a 308B Cooperative
  • Purchased downtown building on contract for deed
  • Developed website, membership application, and other needed documents
  • Hosted 3 member/public events
  • Tabled at local events
  • Formation of committees
  • Raised $23,700 through 158 individual patron memberships for $150.21 each
  • Hired a lawyer, Jeffrey C. O’Brien of Lommen Abdo, P.A., who has expertise in all things brewery related
  • Hired Engan Associates of Willmar, MN, and worked with them to provide us with a building rehab plan and drawings
  • Hosted our first annual Homebrew Competition
  • Completed a viable business plan (we will be posting it to our website soon!)
  • Hired a CPA certified accountant to review our financials and to take care of our accounting needs

Next steps:

  • Seek out and secure business loans from various sources (currently in process)
  • Prepare legal documents needed to accept non-patron memberships (investments) and member loans (currently in process)
  • Continue to grow our member-owner numbers (currently in process)
  • Raise the remaining funds needed from non-patron memberships, member loans, and crowd funding campaign 
  • Host demo party/member event to begin rehab process
  • Recruit members/volunteers to help with building rehab
  • Apply for required permits and licensing
  • Open our doors in 2016 if all goes according to plan!