Announcing our new direction!

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." - Thomas A. Edison

Since our annual meeting on May 13th, we've been working on our new direction, Plan B.

We, the Board of Directors, made the difficult decision last month to end our MNvest capital campaign to raise $200,000. After 5 months, 14 of our member-owners stepped up and invested a total of $42,000, but it was still far from our goal. 

At our annual meeting on May 13th, we asked our member-owners what they thought our Plan B should be if our MNvest campaign did not succeed. We had two options to pick from:

  1. Move forward and open as a bar without the brewing equipment, but still only serve Minnesota brewed craft beer and wine. Then restart the MNvest campaign to add the brewing equipment once we opened and cash flowing.  
  2. Close out the entire organization and sell our downtown building.

Overwhelmingly, our member-owners who attended the annual meeting voted to move forward and open as a bar without the brewing equipment, and restart the MNvest campaign at a later date. We did not have one vote for closing out our co-op.

Our board members agree, we don't want to give up, and we want to try just one more time. We've learned a lot and believe we can make this happen IF our member-owners are willing to help us move in this new direction.

You'll be hearing from us soon as to how you can help if you'd like to. We have returned every dollar back to our Investor Class Members and have officially closed out our MNvest portal. We are now working on revamping our business plan and branding around this new direction. 

Thank you to the member-owners who invested in our MNvest campaign and believed in the success of our original brewery plan! 

Let's try just one more time.

Sarina and the rest of the Bluenose Gopher Board of Directors

P.S. Feel free to reply to this email with any questions or concerns. If you'd like to help us move in this new direction, please connect with us! We are looking for member-owners to join our Construction Team, Design Team, and Fundraising Team. These are short-term commitments to ensure we get this business open!