Building history is proof it was meant to be

BGB's Historic Downtown Building

Bluenose Gopher Brewery is founded on local history.  Part of our mission is to create interest in this subject in a fun, exciting way that would appeal to more people. When we received the building abstract, of course we were hoping for some interesting past owners.  Our hopes were exceeded when we came across entry No. 42, Feb. 27, 1906 - the property going from John and Mary Tiedemann to Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company! They paid $5,000 for lots 3 and 4.  The building was divided later. It was sold in 1919, the year prohibition began.  We’re still investigating what was going on in the building during that time, but chances are beer was being sold.

In other local beer history, the book “Amber Waters” by Doug Hoverson, mentions John Lanvig’s Refreshment Station in Granite Falls advertising in 1877 that it kept “Miller and Heinrich’s Minneapolis Beer always on hand.”

Another interesting local fact from Carl and Amy Narvestad’s book, “Granite Falls 1879-1979,” is after prohibition ended, each county could vote wet or dry.  Yellow Medicine County voted dry, but the other part of town in Chippewa County was wet. In 1941, the municipal liquor store was opened on the east side known as the “greenhouse” since it was painted green.

Do you know of any local beer and prohibition history?  We’d love to hear from you!

Blog post by Mary Gillespie, BGB Board Member.