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Fund the dumpster!

Our Fundraising Goal is $500

Donate any amount to help us raise $500 in a couple of weeks to cover the expense of a 30-yard dumpster and snacks for our volunteers. Our first Demo Weekend in April was a great success with over 20 volunteers spending two days gutting the interior of our historic building. Approximately half of the interior was completed. We are estimating a 2nd Demo Weekend would finish most of the demo work on the main floor! Any amount of money donated towards this Demo Weekend will make a difference and add up quickly. You do not have to be a member-owner to donate.

We raised $270!


Emily Odland, Sarina Otaibi, Mary Gillespie, Luwaina Al-Otaibi, Ronnette Trulson, Kelly Schuerman, Ted Suss, Melissa Ross, David Fluegel, Douglas Petteys.