Exclusive “Giggle Juice Gopher Gang” for our cooperative member-owners only!

You can be one of only 21 members who proudly wear a “Giggle Juice Gopher Gang” vest or t-shirt (we will let you pick!) that enables you to get a daily free drink including beer, wine, coffee or soft drinks.

You can join this exclusive club and be the Bees Knees for a one-time cost of $1,000.

Join online below or fill in this form and mail in with your check to 681 Prentice St., Granite Falls, MN 56241. Your Giggle Juice Membership will help the Bluenose Gopher Public House finance the critical first few months of operation.

How does this work?

  • You must be a member of Bluenose Gopher Public House Cooperative. Not a member yet? Become a member first, then purchase a Giggle Juice Gopher membership. Not sure if you are a member? Email info@bluenose.coop and ask!

  • Giggle Juice Gopher Membership is non-refundable and non- transferrable.

  • You must be wearing the official Giggle Juice Gopher garment to receive your first drink free and provide a valid ID.

  • The Giggle Juice Gopher Membership is for the life of the garment. It will not be replaced.

  • You can only order one free drink per day and that drink may be a beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverage.

Giggle Juice Gopher Membership
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Mail-in Your Giggle Juice Gopher Form

If you prefer to download, print, and mail/email/deliver in-person your Giggle Juice Gopher Membership Form, click on the button below. Please only send checks in the mail.