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Only 417 investor class membership units available as of 5/14/2017. We have $158,000 left to reach our goal.

Bluenose Gopher Brewery is registered as a MNvest Issuer on 12/28/2016 and as a MNvest Portal on 12/21/2016. Learn more about MNvest, a new Minnesota law allowing businesses to raise money online from Minnesota investors.  

Investor Class Membership

There are 417 Investor Class Membership units available at $500 per unit.

You must be a Minnesota resident to purchase Investor Class Membership Unit(s).

How many Investor Class Membership Units would you like to purchase? Each Investor Class Membership Unit is $500/unit. You may purchase up to 20 membership units (or $10,000).

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Want more information?

To learn more about Investor Class Membership, please contact Sarina Otaibi at 320-262-9514 or Andrew Hodny at 320-321-9165. Leave us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email us at We can set up a personal meeting with you to talk about our plans and to explain this option to you. Please contact us with any concerns or questions, we would love to speak with you!

Bluenose Gopher Brewery is a cooperative organization currently raising needed capital to open its doors. The brewery needs to raise $200,000 from Investor Class Memberships (Nonpatron Memberships) to fund the rehab of our historic downtown building. The Board of Directors have issued 500 Investor Class Membership Units at $500 per unit. Invest today by purchasing your investor class membership units!

Why invest? Here are 3 great reasons.

  1. When you invest in our Brewery, you're investing locally here in Minnesota. Your investment will directly contribute to the economic vitality of our region. 
  2. You will begin to receive a return on your investment after our 2nd year of operation. You can expect an annual dividend yield of 19% to 21% after our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of operation. Then an annual dividend yield of around 40% after years 5, 6, and 7. To learn more about our dividend yield potential per Investor Class Membership Unit, click here to view our Income Statement.
  3. You will be investing in a business model that will give back to our community and nonprofits

    Purchase Investor Class Membership Unit(s) by Check 

    You can purchase Investor Class Membership by check! You must print and fill out the Investor Class Membership Form and send it along with your check to 681 Prentice Street, Granite Falls, MN 56241. You may also bring in your form and check to either Mary Gillespie (call 320-309-0092) at the Granite Falls Area Chamber of Commerce office or Sarina Otaibi (call 320-262-9514) at the Andrew Volstead House. 

    What you need to know before you invest

    • You must be a Minnesota resident to purchase Investor Class Membership Unit(s).
    • You cannot purchase more than 20 Investor Class Membership Units (or invest $10,000) unless you are an accredited investor. If you are an accredited investor and would like to invest more than $10,000, contact us.
    • Your investment money will be deposited into an escrow account at the Granite Falls Bank and will be held there until we reach our goal of $200,000.
    • Investor Class Membership Unit(s) is transferrable as permitted by applicable state and federal law.
    • If we reach our funding target of $200,000, your funds are transferred to us and you will receive documentation confirming your investment in the company.
    • If we do not reach our funding goal of $200,000, your funds are returned to you from the escrow account.
    • Click on the button below "Disclosure Documents" to learn more about this offering.

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