5:30 PM17:30

Painting Happy Hours

We have a few opportunities coming up for you to join us and help paint the interior of our building's tin walls and ceiling. Whoever shows up to help paint this week will get to vote on the color we choose to paint the walls and ceiling. So join us on one of the following dates for a FUN Painting Happy Hour! All you need to do is show up in clothes and shoes you don't mind getting paint on, we will handle the rest!

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4:00 PM16:00

Member Annual Meeting and Potluck Party

Why should you come? We have a few great reasons...
- Jerry Ostensoe will be playing music
- You'll be able to taste some delicious Bluenose BEER!
- Anne Borgendale of Brynhild Creamery will be sharing some of her artisan cheese paired with our beer!
- POTLUCK! There is always good food at a potluck.
- VOTING! We need to hear from you. We need you there to vote and make some very important decisions for the Brewery and its future!

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National Beer Day
4:00 PM16:00

National Beer Day

Bluenose Gopher Brewery board members will be at the Andrew J. Volstead House Museum from 4-6 PM to celebrate National Beer Day with stories of the end of Prohibition in 1933. We will also have informaton on how you can invest in the brewery.

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7:00 PM19:00

Capital Campaign Meeting

We are kicking off our Capital Campaign and need to raise money from investors in order to qualify for additional financing. We need our member/owners' help whether or not you wish to invest more money. Please join us to learn more and to help. Let's get our brewery open!

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7:00 PM19:00

Capital Campaign Meeting

We are kicking off our Capital Campaign and need to raise money from investors in order to qualify for additional financing. We need our member/owners' help whether or not you wish to invest more money. Please join us on one of these Wednesday evenings for more information. Let's get our brewery open!

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1st Annual Meeting
3:00 PM15:00

1st Annual Meeting


Annual Meeting Event Schedule:

3 PM to 4 PM

  • Business Meeting  - a report on the cooperative from the Board of Directors and a time for questions and answers
  • Election of Board of Directors - we are currently looking to fill two positions on the board. If you are interested, contact Sarina Otaibi at sarina.otaibi@gmail.com or call 320-262-9524.
  • Announce our Beer Competition winners - click here for competition details. The judging does not happen on the day of the meeting, only the announcement of the winner.
  • Announce member referral winner - a member who has recruited the largest number of members for the co-op. We will be looking at membership applications to add up the number of members recruited by a member. Membership collected up to and on the day of the Annual Meeting will count towards your final number of referrals. So start referring today.  

Social Hour, 4 PM to 5 PM

  • Music by The Outta Towners
  • Tours of the building including the basement
  • And most importantly, meet other co-op members!
  • Light refreshments will be available 
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1st Annual Bluenose Beer Competition
to Jun 21

1st Annual Bluenose Beer Competition

Competition is open to the public and to members of Bluenose Gopher Brewery.

Winners will be announced on Saturday, June 27th, during Bluenose Gopher Brewery's first Cooperative Annual Meeting. 

There is no cost for entry.

You must be 21 years or older to enter.

A maximum of 3 entries are allowed per person (or team consisting of no more than 2 individuals). If a person enters as both an individual and a team, they may claim credit for no more than 3 total entries.

Entries must be received as 2 bottles, each having a size between 10-oz to 32-oz. Exterior of bottles must be free any labels (ink, paper, or otherwise) other than the competition entry label. Any lettering or graphics on the cap must be removed or covered with permanent black marker.

The competition categories are as follows: 􏰀

  • Lager
  • Light Ale
  • Dark Ale

One winner will be announced for each category. There will be no Best in Show awarded.

Only beer will be accepted, and must be one of the styles listed on the attached BJCP styles list. No wines, meads, ciders, etc, will be accepted.

The beer must be home brewed to enter. No entries brewed at commercial facilities will be accepted.

Entries must be identified as a specific style per the 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines, and will be judged by this criteria. See attached for a list of each acceptable beer styles and recommended competition category.

Lagers must be entered into the Lager category, and Ales must be entered into one of the two Ale categories. Due to the broad range of acceptable colors for many styles of ales, the entrant may decide which category is most suitable for their particular beer. Each beer may only be entered into a single competition category. 

Submission of entries will begin starting on Saturday, June 13, and will be accepted up to, but no later than, Sunday, June 21. Submissions will not be accepted before or after this designated timeframe. No late (or early) entries will be accepted. 

Each entry must be submitted with a BGB Competition Entry Label. Use a rubber band to attach the labels with the entrant name/contact information/style/entry number to the bottles. The use of tape or glue to attach forms is NOT acceptable.

  • 􏰀  Competition Category (e.g. Lager, Light Ale, Dark Ale)

  • 􏰀  BJCP Category (e.g. German Wheat and Rye Ale)

  • 􏰀  BJCP Style (e.g. Dunkelweizen)

  • 􏰀  BJCP Style Number (e.g. 15B - see attached table)

  • Brewer Contact Information

No entries will be returned whether received late or otherwise. All entries become property of Bluenose Gopher Brewery.

Click here for the Entry Label and list of categories.

The following persons and locations are designated Entry Submission Stations:

􏰀Location 1 - Granite Falls, MN
Drop-off Tuesday through Saturday. Preferred time 9 am - 1 pm, or by appointment.

Contact: Mary Gillespie
Phone: 320-564-4039
Email: theholthouse@hotmail.com
Location: Granite Falls Chamber of Commerce, 807 Prentice Street, Granite Falls, MN, 56241

􏰀Location 2 - Marshall, MN
Drop-off after 5:00 pm. Contact ahead of time by text message at phone number listed below.

Contact: Tom Reynolds
Phone: 507-829-0808
Email: TomRey75@gmail.com
Location: Personal Residence, 117 G Street, Marshall, MN, 56258

For additional questions, contact: Tim Beckmann at beckmann.timothy@gmail.com or call him at 320-226-4529 

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